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Fastball: Single Artwork

For those of you who remember the blur that was the 90’s, you might remember this omnipresent song “The Way” by Fastball:

Well Fastball is still at it, Y’all! The Austin-based band recently released their catchy new single “Love Comes In Waves” and yours truly was given the honor of creating the artwork to accompany it. After several rounds, we settled on artwork inspired by the Words with Friends app – which Miles had come across a screengrab of and felt inspired by. As you can see, the word “in” had nowhere to fit in on the board, but to hell with prepositions! PS: If you recognize the name Mike McCarthy, he’s the wunderkind behind the production of  Spoon’s phenomenal albums.

If you had told 14-year-old me (who watched MTV religiously) that’d I’d someday be making artwork for one of the biggest breakthrough artists of 1997, well, I probably would have said, “hell yes!”. Congrats guys, and thanks Miles!

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