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New Gigposters for Barbarella + Swan Dive.

I love doing work for Harvey and theGlitoris over at Barbarella / Swan Dive. They always have the best damn theme night ideas and I’ve been lucky enough to give visual representation to a majority of them almost since the beginning. Here are two of the newest pieces:

On my 13th birthday, my mom took me to the mall to get the pair of silver holographic Doc Martens I’d had my eye on for weeks. When we got to the store, we were told the boots had just been discontinued – as in two days prior to my birthday. After crying in the food court, my shattered preteen heart was awarded a consolation prize: a pair of shiny navy blue pleather pants (the first of several pairs of windex-able pants I would own in the coming years). As much as I loved those pants and how much they informed my fashion devotion, I still get misty thinking about those Docs that were never meant to be. God bless the 90’s.

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