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what a difference a year makes.

it’s new year’s eve which means it’s time for my annual photo montage. this time last year i was feeling out of sorts, apprehensive about what the next few months would hold and wistful for the road behind me.

i can happily say that i am on the opposite end of the spectrum 365 days later. this new year marks the cusp of my full fledged foray into freelance graphic design and so many words come to mind to describe my mental state: exhilarated, inspired, a little nervous and, i can’t stress this enough, absolutely drunk on happiness.

it goes without saying that i owe buckets of gratitude to everyone who supported my ‘obsession’ with kind words, recommendations, patience, opportunities and work. you really can’t know how thankful i really am. if you’re reading this, your interest is what motivates me. so, thanks.

it’s going to be tremendous year for all of us, as long as we stay strong and put one foot in front of the other.

and now a collection of photos that illustrate how i’m feeling on the last day of 2010.

happy new year everyone! clink.

skye stracke photographed by jock sturges.

natalia vodianova photographed by carter smith.

photographer unknown.

natalia vodianova photgraphed by carter smith.

lily cole photgraphed by carter smith.

photographer unknown.

lara stone photographed by mert & marcus.

lara stone photgraphed by mert & marcus.

photgrapher and artist unknown.

dree hemingway photographed by alex ilubomirski.

photographer unknown.

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